Cup-phrodite Picture

Part of a 100-piece set of 3x5 index cards. The set was a study of an object as a final project for my design class in fall or 2009. The subject I chose.. was cupcakes. Delicious.

I also made 'mini-series' within the overall 100 cards - this set of four was called "Delicious Deities" - jeez, I am just.. so clever.

This. Is Cup-phrodite. I should have put a shell under her, now that I'm thinking about it, but oh well. Miniature cupcake paper for the 'nouveau' background, prismacolor pencil, construction paper and a cupcake band-aid - yes. They make those, haha. They made my life sooo much easier for these four.

Please do not use without permission.
Persephone and Aphrodite
Aphrodite Makeup
Finally Together
The Goddess of the Big Cats