Thalassa Picture

Thalassa... born to my friend Chi yesterday evening...
It was an unforgettable and truly beautiful experience: photographing the birth of Thalassa. This photo was taken about 30 minutes after she was born... I feel very lucky that I could be there...
Her name means 'the sea' in Greek... in Greek mythology Thalassa was the personification of the sea, the mother of Aphrodite and Zeus, a force of creation.

I have my own connections to the sea, my own brother was taken by the waves of the Mediterranean Sea... also, I arrived to the birth yesterday just after a funeral... and so I'm now moved to ponder birth and death... waves of life... creation, decay, creation, destruction, creation...

I realise this is not a perfect shot, but I had one second to make it with no repeat opportunity... I turned the saturation down here, though I may leave it untouched for some of the other shots that speak of the grittier aspects of 'corporeality'.
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