hermaphroditos: tortured wings Picture

you'd think that after writing fifteen [in the making] chapters of a story called Hermaphroditos's Box, I'd draw the main character. well, here he is, then. he's evolved quite a bit from what I originally pictured him to be, and I intended for him to be paler, but the olive oil flesh suits his heritage. I always wanted to draw him to show how striking his eyes were. I left his chest undetailed because I really couldn't decide whether to draw the breasts that he has in the beginning of the story, or the pecs that he regains later on. I feel it suits him to be portrayed this way.

hermaphroditos is an erote, a winged god of love from greek mythology. he's the offspring of aphrodite and hermes.

I've been trying to figure out what I don't like about his face, and I think it's that his eyes are too far apart, which sucks, because it's too late to correct it now :/

: the sketch.

drawings of his brothers...
: himeros.
: pothos.
: eros.
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hermaphroditos: tortured wings
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