+GT - Aphrodite+ Picture

character: aphrodite (OC)
media used: photoshop CS3, paint shop pro 8 for colour adjusting & dA background

Second (of four total) part of the GT series.

So, here's Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, who fell in love with the most ordinary man on Earth (see the previous deviation!). They differ as much as fire and water, but I think this is something that actually brings them together.

Aphrodite is like a compilation of all those features that you'd search for in a perfect woman. Let's start from her appearance: she's curvy and with an extremely narrow waist, she has amazing blond hair and almond-shaped eyes; she also knows how to dress classy and accentuate her curves at the same time (unlike Persephone, who reveals almost everything in her slutty leather/latex costumes - you wouldn't even call them "clothes"). She's also a great housewive and takes good care of her husband (yeah, if you know what I mean). Add a bit of whimsicalness and shopping addiction... and here she is. Such a lovely being. ♥

GT belongs to my love.
Greek mythology 9
+GT - Aphrodite+
Aphrodite, Goddess of Love