Don't touch me. Picture

I was trying to be lazy with the coloring- cause I didn't like the drawing. And I didn't even really want to /scan/ it...
But I did anyway...
And while I was coloring it a story popped up... And I ended up spending way too much time on it...

That hand was originally in the drawing in my notebook- but I erased it because I didn't want to bother with it...
And then the story popped up and I was just like: Damn it. =_= *Redraws hand*

Originally it was Heimdall's hand trying to stop her from crying (for some reason or another. @_@) Now it's the hand of some random dead person.
The little story behind the drawing is that Hel's just been dropped into the underworld and she's not happy. She can't stand the dead, she can't stand the darkness, she hate's all of it. And one of the dead creatures is trying to reach out to her, thank her for being the overseer, but it just disgusts her and she just isolates herself from her only possible companions.
Idk. I'm weird. And I'm tired. And I should have gone to sleep an hour ago.

Hel is a character from Sakura Kinoshita's manga Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok- copyrights to her.
Crappy drawing and coloring belong to me- but that's really irrelevant. *dies*
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Don't touch me.
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