Arveetus App. Liet Picture

My (super late) Application to Arveetus Haven. Wow, Idk if I even managed to pull off a more realistic form of drawing here. I believe that's for you to decide, huh? Okay. I hope you enjoy~

Name: Liet(Lee-eht) S. Aristoth
Age: 18 (Orginally 36)
Gender: Male
Zodiac: Libra (Artistic, fairness, friendly, indecisiveness, diplomatic, cooperative, sincerity, trustworthy, fearful, kind)
Height: 5'7”
Weight: 115 lbs.
Species: (Dark) Elf

Liet Seirt Aristoth descends from mostly the dark elves in Norse mythology. He's a cross breed from both Ljosalfar and Dokkalfar. Light and Dark elves. The elfen world after the fall of Ymir, the hated frost giant, was divided into 3 parts. The first part was where the light elves or “good” elves lived. The second part was where Liet was born into; the earthy level in the land of dark elves, Svartalfarheim. Right below them was the underworld.

His family was just a huge tree of light and dark branches with a bit of elemental grey here and there drenched in violence, misery, peace, and glory. Almost like the ash tree, Yggdrasill, that runs through all 3 parts of the elven world. After the fall of Ymir his realm was turn into peace though it's still tense between the two elven races, even in his family. Liet disowned himself when the different sides started to control his life. He took some of his belongings and an heirloom and left. Of course, without paying his deeds to death first...

Now he runs an apothecary in the woods where elves know of, yet don't go there often besides for help. He's a healer, but he could also be a little mad with finding different cures. Suffering from inner turmoil, he hated the fact that he killed yet he loved to help people even if it meant killing others or themselves to put them out of their misery. One day, realization hit him hard and Liet got so frustrated that he ruined the majority his apothecary. Some of the broken and unknown concoctions mixed and, in his frustration, granted his wish of being not so indecisive.

Now they have to deal with it until they could find a way to change back into one being. Liet decided to go out and find a cure while his other split half, Seirt, stayed back and clean up the mess.

Likes: Listening / Observing / Smiling naturally / Truths / Getting along with others / Calm / Being one person.

Dislikes: Lies / Hurting others / Insanity / Too much noise / Being split.

Liet is a kind, easy-going, and doesn't mind helping. He is a calm and collective guy... in normal circumstances. He gets stressed and frustrated when he can't find a solution to problem in a certain period of time(5 hours). His situation right now is causing him to be on edge so he'll sound like he's carefully choosing words in his sentences. If he's pushed to the point of anger he will defend himself in any means necessary. His voice goes completely smooth without a hint of nervousness. All in all, he will still have most of his composure and kindness though.

Mental-wise: Cooperation and Sincerity

Physical wise: Mixing herbs and different concoctions / Some grasp at elemental magic / Transferring moonlight into healing entities(still traumatized so this is very rare.)

Get's traumatized if he's roughly pushed into using magic. / Not that strong yet not that weak either. In the middle kind of person. / Can be friendly yet he won't give his trust to a person that easily.

Writing and Journalism / Chemistry/Potion making.

Wishes To Learn:
1. Improving and Learning new Arcane/Elemental spells including the knowledge of the area.
2. New healing remedies.
3. Learn Voodoo and Hoodoo.

Why he wants to learn
Liet, after he disowned himself, has been mostly in isolation excluding his customers and their requests for help. Collecting and living off of historic books and documentaries, he knows quite a heft amount of information. An elf has a long time span; he might as well make the best of it and go out and explore and learn ways to help people... In a more calm and non-violent manner.

What he offers:
An antique necklace that, the trickster god figure, Loki used, but discarded. Liet has always admired Loki even though he caused more problems than solutions. One of his ancestors found the necklace and it has caused violence and bloodshed for generations to come. Now, Liet has it in his hands. You don't even need to ask how.

Why Haven?
Due to his history and his bloodline of the infamous Dark elves, Liet is overlooked as another mischievous being following his ancestor's footsteps. Those who were gracious enough only provided little information, so Liet decided to look elsewhere. When he was traveling through unmapped forests, somehow, he got teleported to another realm. After hearing about the Haven, he decided to give it a shot. Even if he can't find the cure for his exact problem, he would still learn new information that could benefit him in his current problem and future studies.

He doesn't mind living with another person.

I will RP, but I prefer it in the comments and notes. Maybe a bit in the chat room when I find time. I will definitely draw and share art if I have any drawings or art to share.
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