Pluto Satan-Eyes Picture

How do I start? I like this charactor alot. Talon Bloodfang, werewolf, father of Shade, brother of Morsus, owns this little unworldly birdie. Pluto Satan-Eyes is a crow born from unknown realms of the Underworld, as where Sable came from. How they met the werewolves, I do not know. "Pluto"as a name has nothing to do with the "planet", it has more to do with the Underworld, in which the planet once represented in Greek mythology or something.

Pluto, in his shadow form, can tap into you're whole body and become a part of you, by famailiarizing and getting into you're head, soul, heart, and body, and in a way, putting a tracking system on you. The longer you've known Pluto this way, and the stronger the bond, the easier it gets to understand what he says. Unfortunantly, Morsus has known him since birth, and she can understand every word...when she bothers to pay attention. Pluto annoys the living sin out of her...*sigh* but the pretty birdie won't die.

His shadow form is alot larger and more like smoke. Even in this form, he remains unaffected by the light or the holy. Talon and Morsus have been known to spend time in churches with their dark pets. Pluto can also bend in and out of Hell and Heaven without killing himself, and can follow anyone just about anywhere...another thing Morsus hates about Pluto. Talon, however, like's Pluto, even with his twisted sense of humor and love of talking in mindless riddles. Pluto has alot of pride and lacks fear. He will stare anything down, despite his size, and has been known to scare many by just staring, part of the reason he's called "Satan-Eyes". Pluto likes his feathers ruffled an dhis apearance ragged.

The Plutonian crow was done in pen, and the background was just me getting lazy and using charcoal rather than pen for shading. And for once, i actually did the font there without photoshop! And I wasn't half bad for once^^ Though I hate how lopsided it looks...
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