Anubis blessing Picture

Anubis god of the Underworld, he brings people to life, according to the Book of the dead, he does not kill.
Just remember this is Mythology, a Myth, a Story, it ain't real.

This image may be found at Horemheb's tomb, this relief is over 3000 years old, it has to look OLD.
I have painted everything there, I used the spray , that colour you see on the back, it's kinda red or brown...and I used yellow, as you can see the tiny spots, the bars I used the gradient gold, black and other colour yellow or orange I don't know. The red globe was also made with gradient rainbow, I changed the color when I made the outer glow. Anubis has the stucko texture effect, not the noise as you might think. and that is it.
The Holy And The Damned
Queen of Hade.
Anubis blessing
Thee Beast