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Sergei meets a familiar face.


-Running into yourself is generally regarded as a bad thing pretty much universally. In Ireland, your mirror image is called a fetch: so-called as it is sent to bring you to the underworld. In Germany, it is a creature called a doppelgaenger (literally double-goer or double-walker), a malevolent being that steals the form of a person before going out and assuming the victim's identity and life. In Russia there is a spirit called a leshy (леший), associated with transformation and the stealing of people's forms (usually of someone close to the victim, if not the victim himself). It is known in rural Russia as a guardian of nature, but extremely malevolent and territorial, and is regarded as a devil.

-Sergei 2 does not have a belt. In Russia, belts are given to children at their baptism and signify that the person has a soul. One of the distinguishing features of the leshy is this absence of a belt in human form, betraying its demonic nature.

-in European mythology and folklore, foxes are associated with trickery, lies, and transformation. In Eastern European folklore, they are also associated with death. On that note I'm fairly sure we've all figured out what Sergei2 is.


Проклятая птица! Ты не понимаешь?! Damned bird! Don't you understand?!
Ты получишь нас убили, визжа, как это! You'll get us both killed, squealing like that!
Если ты не можешь летать крайней мере, ты можешь-- If you can't fly the least you can do is--
Кто это?! Who's there?!
Боже мой. My God.

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ER R3: KA-139 P4
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