Bast- Protector of Cats, Women Picture

This is an ACEO of my "modern day" rendition of Bast, the Protector of Cats, Women, and Kings. Bast started as a Lioness goddess, but as mythology evolved, she took the form of a much tamer Cat-headed Goddess. She is associated with fertility and pregnant women, and often revels in pleasure, music, and dance. It was said that she was the patron of cats, and the protector of the Pharoah.

The original art for this was done with black ink and brush pen on a 9x12 sheet. I scanned it in at high quality and did a few minor touch-ups, then added the text and resized it for a 2.5x3.5 inch ACEO. (ACEO stands for Art Cards Editions and Originals) Printed on 110lb cardstock in black ink, hand-signed by me (the artist) on the back side.

Sorry, the necklace and the pyramid in the photos are only there for props and are not for sale!

*****The Story****
In modern day Egypt, strange things are beginning to happen. A several-millennium old mummy gets up from its museum display and walks around, people stop dying altogether, and men in black cloaks claiming to be the Cult of Osiris start appearing in the streets. One Egyptologist soon begins to unravel the mystery behind these odd happenings- the Ancient Egyptian Pantheon is real, and Osiris is seeking to regain the Throne of the Living from his son, Horus!

Osiris and Isis schemed to steal a scroll from Thoth that tells of a ritual for bringing Osiris back from the Underworld and into the land of the living. Anubis won't help Ra and Horus locate Osiris- who is using Isis' magic to keep himself off their radars- because if Osiris leaves the Underworld, he will become its ruler once more.

So, between visiting Set's nightclub in downtown Cairo (called "Osiris' Coffin"), being attacked by the cult of Osiris, and trying to keep the realms of the living and the dead from being destroyed for forever, the Egyptologist has a lot of work ahead of him!

This set of 8 ACEOs depicts the main Gods and Goddesses of this story. There are 3 "traditional" Gods and Goddesses (Ra, Horus, and Bast) and 5 "modern" Gods and Goddesses (Osiris, Isis, Set, Thoth, and Anubis) to depict the various mindsets of the pantheon.
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Bast- Protector of Cats, Women
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