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... look at that little Jarilolo~ and his happy creepy step-uncle.

So Hors is Veles' younger brother. Hors was worshipped as the god of the winter sun, as in he wasn't the bringer of warmth or anything, just the sunlight itself. During spring Jarilo would take on the duty of delivering the sun. Then during the summer Hors' friend Dažbog, the rain god would help him out.

Plus the winter months he brought sun to the nav'(underworld) through all of the year. He actually didn't like that place cause the dark creatures harassed him. Dažbog despised that place.

While Veles was friendly with the Finnics, Hors supported the Varangians. Hors was also the god of the moonlight, patron of young men and horses. Jarilo's totem animal was a white steed and as I already mentioned he's a moon god like his step-dad. So I guess Hors participated in bringing his nephew up. Hors was a social butterfly overall... You'd never catch him all alone.

Now about the picture... What the hell is happening in the background?... and yes no eyebrows for the creep! :'D
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obnoxious sun gods
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