Judgement of Ani b+w Picture

This is the monochromatic of what will be the Judgement of Ani. I bought a book on the Book of the Dead last year and I've loved Egyptian mythology and practices. I had a project for a class that involves taking a 3d object, bringing it into photoshop and using it as a base for something in a painting. I used two objects: the room and the heart.

I love this part of the story a lot (because Anubis is present in it /shot) and so I decided to illustrate this scene. This is still just the monochromatic part of the end result so ANYTHING that you can critique on it, PLEASE DO SO!!!
Broken Charm Pt2 Pg16
Elysian Reunion
Judgement of Ani b+w
Broken Charm Pt2 Pg18
Broken Charm Pt 2 Pg1