Cerberus: Mythology Project Picture

Cerberus from Greek Mythology, also known as Fluffy in the Harry Potter Series. I drew him in the Underworld for my English Project...

Aprx. 7 hours by hand. Colors are Black, Violet, Primrose, Brown, Red, Orange, Forest Green, Navy Blue, Sky Blue, and Pink. RoseArt colored pencils on posterboard.. And that's about it.

I'm getting better on my legs, ya'll should see my cats now.

Art (c) Me, ~Aktsukineko
Everything Else (c) Those ancient Greek peeps

PS;; In the background, in case you're wondering, is Charon rowing his ferry through the river Styx.
Broken Charm Pg21
Wailing Gyre of the River Styx
Cerberus: Mythology Project
The Female Trinity
The River Styx