Old Work: Rangda Ritual Mask Picture

Another piece of artwork done almost a decade ago during college. One of a ritual mask of the Asian demon queen, Rangda. The painted colours are somewhat identical to the picture originating from the book that I used as resource when sketching it. To this day, I still think it shows how good i can do this stuff when i put my mind to it.

Description from the book Asian Mythology: Myths and Legends of China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia by Rachel Storm:

Rangda, the ferocious female demon of Bali, had a lolling, fiery tongue, pendulous breasts and rolling eyes. A creature of darkness, sickness and death, she was the leader of a band of witches. Her name means “widow”, and she may derive from an 11th-century Balinese queen exiled for practising sorcery. In revenge she tried to destroy the kingdom, and half the population died of plague before a holy man put an end to her black magic.

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Old Work: Rangda Ritual Mask
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