Contest Entry No. 01 Picture

Contest Entry #1
Artist: JimmytheScratch
Title: Give a Hoot, Read a Book
Medium: Photoshop Elements
Artist's Comments:

Thought I would toss my hat into the contest ring!

Going off the "Mythology" contest idea, I began thinking about my favorite myths and Journey to the West is a very large chunk of my person (I also started doing another picture setting the story in a "Western" framework [Tripitaka is a Jesuit, it's quite silly] but I'm not sure I'll be able to finish it).

I also grew up surrounded by posters of various contemporary Basketball players urging me to "READ". Reading books was a national crisis when I was younger in a way it doesn't seem to be now (maybe because the internet means everyone is reading all the time? I don't--).

Anyway, this is a tribute to outrageously misleading book covers meant to trick young people into reading them.
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