Fallen Angel Story: Prologue Picture

Inspired by Milton's Paradise Lost. Image courtesy of paxarcana.wordpress.com.

After the War on Heaven, the Fallen Angels were given the choice to either remain in Hell or ascend to Earth so that they may redeem themselves. In so doing, they are tasked with protecting Earth from the forces of Chaos.

One Fallen Angel decides to ascend out of boredom and utter hatred for Hell. Once on Earth, xe meets Azrael and is assigned to be a guardian for a Half-Angel.


1) This is NOT Christian Fiction. It is Paranormal Urban Fiction and it takes place in a universe similar to Neil Gaiman's "American Gods," in which all the myths are true. (I've got the whole underworld/afterlife thing worked out, so you won't have to worry about any gaping plot holes.)
2) I DO plan on publishing this, so please don't steal the idea. I began writing it on September 3, 2011 and the idea itself was originally conceived around August 27, 2011. I'm just publishing it here for feedback.
3) This is NOT a paranormal romance. There is a bit of a romance, but it's a minor subplot and it will most likely be implied at best.
4) Half-Angels ARE a part of Judeo-Christian mythology. It's in the Book of Enoch. READ!
5) "Xe" is a pronoun for intersexed people. The Angels in my story are androgynous hermaphrodites.

TL;DR: I'm publishing this shit so don't steal it. Read, comment, leave constructive feedback. THANKS
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