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Part One: Basic Information
Species Owner: IceFang100
Species Name: World-Walkers
Scientific Name (binomial): Ambulare-Mundus
Origin/Home world: Earth - or, rather, a version thereof; the Earth that World-Walkers live on is almost exactly the same as ours, just with the addition of this species.
Avg Lifespan: 350 years; World-Walkers stop growing at about age 20, and do not truly age very much at all over their long lifespans - by the time they're 350, they're almost completely white furred and relatively frail, but still capable of taking care of themselves (however, most die before reaching such an age).
Avg Height: 3 feet at the shoulder (ears add another foot and a half in height when they're perked up).
Intelligence: Equal to the average human's.
Notable Individuals: While there are not any especially prominent figures in their culture, there are myths and legends aplenty; a few notable names would be "The Flickering One"* and "The Wrathful One"**; as should be apparent, most of the legends/mythological figures are based around the idea of power and self-sufficiency.
Notable Groups/Fractions: Although World-Walkers are generally solitary creatures (they prefer to only live with/near direct family), a few groups may be found here and there - generally in or near a city/town/other human establishment.
Open Species: Yes.
Technology: The 'wild' ones have little to no technology, though the World-Walkers who live in/near cities are likely to have whatever technology the resident humans have (or, rather, the things they're capable of using; no sense in a World-Walker owning a rifle, right?)
Allies: Humans; World-Walkers often live with/near humans/human cities/towns (or, sometimes, even being pets to humans - though that subject has many arguments involved, because of the World-Walkers' intelligence), though they may also live in/on forests and mountains.
Enemies: Humans; as with anything, there are always people who disagree; it's not uncommon for someone to go out and try to hunt World-Walkers, as there are no official laws about it (that is, of course, a subject for debate).
Special Characteristics: Thick, short fur on most of their body, with long, silky fur on their underbelly/bottom of tail. All World-Walkers have long fangs that overlap their bottom jaw; this does, however, cause their bottom jaw to be very thin and weak (World-Walkers do most of their combat with claws for that reason); the main reason the fangs are even there is to help them hunt (snapping or stabbing something's neck), as well as an emergency last resort for self defense. World-Walkers are capable of turning invisible, and, during a part of the process (AddLinkHere), become temporarily invincible (though they cannot touch anything, either).
Part Two: Illustrations
Or not.
Foot & Hand Prints: The World-Walkers have three toes on each of their feet (they do not have arms, so hands aren't a thing), and, while they do have claws, their claws do not leave an imprint, as they're retractable and remain sheathed way most of the time. all of their toes and the base of their paw leave an imprint - though, sometimes, if a World-Walker lets it's tail drag, it'll erase the tracks, leaving only a trail where the tail has brushed away dirt/dust.

**: The Wrathful one is a mythological (it is up you you, yes, the person reading this, whether or not they were 'gods', simple legends, or actual World-Walkers who have been turned into legend) figure who is commonly portrayed/described as a huge World-Walker with long, curved claws, missing half of his (it is generally referred to as a he, though it's true gender is unknown) ear on the left side and a tail which slowly deteriorated into flame. The Wrathful One is known to have slaughtered entire civilizations - be they world-walkers, unintelligent species, or human. He is sometimes depicted/described as having the bones in his bottom jaw exposed, like zombies are often portrayed.
*: The Flickering one is a mythological (it is up you you, yes, the person reading this, whether or not they were 'gods', simple legends, or actual World-Walkers who have been turned into legends through time) figure who had no actual physical form - instead, she (it is generally referred to as a she, though it's true gender is unknown) was one with the shadows, and traveled through them (not like Nico from the Percy Jackson & The Olympians/Heroes of Olympus series, but rather literally being one with the shadows at all times, and just kind of walking through them). The Flickering One was known to leap out of her shadows to attack those with malicious intentions - this is what gave her her name; when she leaped from the shadows, her form was that of a horizontal shadow, light flickering through it while still retaining the definite shape of a World-Walker.

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