The Story of Pluto Picture

basically the story of the Titanomachy from greek mythology replaced with their roman names... Pluto= Hades, Jupiter= Zeus, Neptune= Poseidon, Saturn= Kronos, Proserpina= Persephone, Ceres= Demeter, Minerva= Athena, etc... It goes with the basic myths that Kronos was defeated by Hades sneaking up on him, Poseidon pinned him down, and Zeus hit him with a thunder bolt then they drew lots to decide who got which domain. Poseidon got sea, Zeus got heavens, and Hades got the underworld. I did a lot of research for this to have it as accurate as possible and I think I got it pretty spot-on. The assignment was to choose one of the characters of the Pomegranate Seeds, Ceres(Demeter) Pluto (Hades) or Proserpina (Persephone), and shed some light on their background. I chose Pluto because I knew the most about him and in a way, I even sympathized with him... but he's still a jerk for kidnapping Mother Nature's daughter...
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The Story of Pluto
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