Professor, I am a Nine Tailed Fox Picture

Now you can see my HarryPotter- OC Stella Ginger Fawn and her true identity... she is a Kitsune, a Nine Tailed Fox... a powerful creature, able to control the elements fire, earth and wood; and she is a master of transfiguration and illusion. So even if she is in training, you can see what she really is...
As a student in Hogwarts (belonging to the house of Gryffindor) she fells in love with Prof. Severus Snape.
Maybe you can imagine how shocked her beloved Professor Snape was, when he saw THIS!!!

So soon I will show you more facts about her, her story and the japanese myth behind.

And here you can find a wonderful video on YOUTUBE about the japanese fox myth and the story of the kitsune spirits:
The Thunderbird
The Hulk I
Professor, I am a Nine Tailed Fox
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