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These are two pages from my book, Ishtar's Descent, which I have luckily finished on time for college! I think I might sell the book through Lulu, but you won't have to pay to see the whole thing, because I've uploaded it to Flickr: [link]
I hope it's an enjoyable read and that you like the illustrations!

The text is based on various translations of the myth The Descent of Ishtar to the Netherworld (or Underworld). It is a Mesopotamian myth, and I have focused on the Assyrian & Babylonian version, which dates from around the 2nd millenium B.C.
The drawings are based on the Assyrian reliefs at the British Museum which are from Nineveh, Nimrud and Khorsabad.
Rekawka 2005 - 8
Ishtar's Descent sample pages
45 - In The Land of Wonder
Mythology - Complimentary