Draulic Picture

Name: Draulic
Species: ???
Gender: Male
Age: ???
Hazard (Unknown relation)

Birthplace: Uncharted Rainforest
Lives at: (Version dependent) A: Field of Ashes

Abilities: Alters the weight of water of his choice. It limits at the amount of water he can influence, the maximum and minimum weight alteration and how long his influence lasts for when he leaves the water alone.

Traits: He can create storms if he stalls water by changing its weight, but why hasn't he been struck by lightning and harmed, is because electricity always conducts along the outside of his body and into the ground or off in the opposite direction from the direction it approached him from. It's something about his scales... His eyes can adjust, to see infrared and UV, they're parts of his eyes that either adjust when its very dark, or activate on will, to which, his perception of color changes quite a bit, upon activating his ability to see a wider range...

Personality: (Undecided, might be more than one version of him)

Likes: (Undecided/dependent)

Dislikes: (Undecided/dependent)

A: Draulic lived out in the vast rain forest, which was much taller than the largest dragons he could imagine and seemingly infinite in complexity and span, it had an incredible influence to cause rain no further apart, than a couple days... His parents and brother lived with him, they couldn't leave the rainforest but they wouldn't say why, but he was told that the rainforest is a territory impossible to completely claim due to its complexity and size, so he is safe from territorial capture.. He, one day went out on his own, crossing a hostile canyon territory (of dragons), which was held back by a dragoness from that territory that took interest for him and respected his innocence.. Eventually, he was told to leave the territory and they would only let him come back one more time, then that's it...

So, he decided to take that as an opportunity to travel out even further... For he could go out further and they should let him pass back through on the way back... And his relatives, think he is somewhere in the huge rainforest, for they let him wander... And they are also aware of his abilities which can be used to defend himself...

He came across a village, the village was hostile, but not relentless, they would not attack until he did, which he didn't attack, but they would'ave also attacked if he got too close and he could tell that he should keep his distance, a human pointed out that his colors almost perfectly match the colors of the draconic beings in their old mythology and decided to try and communicate with him... they weren't willing to open up completely, in fear that they would make a dire mistake, but they gave him some food for the fly back... He left the village and went back through the territory, thinking he would be safe, but they held him up, wondering how he got that food without getting scratched, so he explained what happened... The territory got a bit jealous in several ways, they can't see much importance in Draulic himself, the dragoness once again deciding to step in and try and stop them..

Only to be pushed aside as her words instead provoked them, So he had to leave right away and return back home...

Later, the humans were able to track him down with their wolves and bring him food every now and then, in case he actually did relate to their mythology and proved it to be correct (not a myth), at least to an extent... The hostile territory could spot them every now and then, but couldn't stop them... but they could block them from going down the same route, either way, it only made the dragons of the territory more jealous, they knew they were adapted to their canyon environment and so, couldn't move in to take the rainforest...

So over time, they increased their numbers... Mostly by preparing more dragons and gathering outsiders.

While these things happened, the same dragoness from before left to visit him a couple times, trying to sneak away as sneakily as possible to meet with Draulic, sometimes finding him in the complex rainforest, but she knows she can't live with him, for she isn't adapted to suit the rainforest environment, being unable to eat any plants or berries, she doesn't have a taste for bugs or grubs and the area is confusing while Draulic is sort of the opposite... But she wanted to visit him a few times and one day...

She didn't show up anymore, Draulic thought she was just having trouble finding him for now or she was sick, she once told him not to worry about her if she doesn't show up anymore...

The dragons of the canyon moved in to destroy the village, then moved in to attack and burn the rainforest, they had to do it in shifts since it's so huge, but they made a ring of fire around the entire rain forest before scattering starts of fire across the rain forest constantly, their dragons were fire proof and could hold their breath, so they could rush into the forest and attack Draulic and the dragons around him, Draulic could bring down some of the dragons by increasing the weight of water in their bodies, but there were too many to apply that trick to.. They decided to keep Draulic alive, while bringing a slow and painful death to the dragons that relate to him... He fled the rainforest, seeing no point in trying to protect it any further or stand up to this... But when he got back, the rainforest is only a field of ash, but the released fumes of the rainforest's burned influence, brings the sky above him to be cloudy for several days...

He is all alone in the field of ash and driven quite insane, seeing grey everywhere didn't help...

He did leave his home of ash to get food, but it was a risk every single time, for the surrounding areas have hostile dragons in them, now he could see why his parents couldn't move with as much ease as they would desire... even the nearest forests were dangeous... He never saw that dragoness again either, he wonders what happened to her... The canyon territory dragons never listened to him, they only care about themselves and loathe when good things happen to outsiders, they even hate how colorful he is... And so, he is brought to care only about himself, especially now that he is on his own and the world around him wont let him have any friends.

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