Nefilim in history: Seduced by the golden light Picture

I heard a mythological story once that I can't verify that serves as inspiration for this image. According to the myth, the first emperor of Qin (China), Huangdi was divinely conceived. A god, perhaps Shangdi, descended from the heavens on a dragon. As his golden light lit up the sky, he saw a young woman, the concubine of a feudal era king, who dared to gaze into his light. He was impressed by her beauty and courage and seduced her.
The similarity is intriguing to the story of Genesis 6, which says that the sons of God (or sons of the gods) mated with human women.

Did the king make up the story to make his illegitimate son his heir? Likely, I think. But what if the dragon were a shining space vehicle? Huangdi was an impressively progressive ruler for the era. Did he inherit some DNA more advanced than the humans of the time?
Buttmark (Princely)
Nefilim in history: Seduced by the golden light