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Okay I'm not a big fan of IchiRuki pairing at all. I prefer Ichihime and RenRuki.
Some people believe that IchigoXOrihime pairing is bad.
Rukia had has feelings for Kaien Shiba! Just because Ichigo looks like Kaien Shiba doesn't mean she deserves Ichigo at all. You can't replace someone that precious or reincarnation of that person!
Rukia would easily step aside. To her, being close to Ichigo is enough - just like being close to Kaien was enough. I think this would be Uryu’s path too. Both would easily step aside and allow them to be happy, if this is what they both Ichigo and Orihime want. So being close to Ichigo is enough!
Orihime's so called stupidity is anime only. In the manga, she is actually the second smartest girl in her class, placing third in the class tests behind Ryo Kunieda.
Rukia is more naive than Orihime. She easily falls for traps when Kaien Shiba is involved. Arrancar 9: Who took Kaien’s body, uses it like a weapon against her. She falls for it like a lamb being led to slaughter. Like Momo Hinamori, Rukia is a sucker for a pretty face.
Okay everyone can't you tell how Ichigo treats Orihime?
1. They don't hit each other at all.
2. When Rukia forced Ichigo to apologize to Orihime, he gets a softer look on his face.
3. When he saved Rukia from execution, Ichigo just held Rukia like a stack of potatoes and carelessly threw her to Renji, no care at all!
If Ichigo had any feelings what so ever toward Rukia, I doubt he would treat her like some potato sack. He throws her like a missile at Renji! After telling Rukia about the time he spent with Ichigo, he manages to get it through her head that nobody blames or hates her. Thing is, you never see her act this demure with Ichigo. She’s clinging to Renji’s chest and near tears. He’s carrying her like some sort of bride or princess; A way you never see Ichigo treat her. In Chapter 240, Aizen demands that Orihime heal Grimmjow’s arm. The other Arrancar begin to freak out (Mainly Luppi) , saying that its impossible since the arm is completely disintegrated. There's a difference between the anime and manga. In Bleach Chapter 249, Ulquiorra’s new mission is to break Orihime’s spirit, to make her a soldier in their army. He has no luck. Bleach anime Chapter 262, Rukia is still obviously shaken by Kaien’s image. She’s still not over his death. In Bleach Chapter 263 -269, Falling into a trap. Rukia is as naive as Hinamori when it comes to a pretty face. She doesn’t realize a thing until the end of chapter 264!
It takes her to the beginning of chapter 269 to remember Kaien’s ultimate lesson. “Never die alone or there will be no one to carry on your heart.” He meant alone as in with no companions, that the heart is a bond created between people. She finally sees that Kaien left his heart with her and that that bond is eternal. What the arrancar has is just the body and memories of Kaien Shiba.
Chapter 283 Orihime remarks that she can’t be scared, but She can’t help it. When she looks at Ichigo’s hollowfied eyes, she says she can no longer see her reflection. It’s like those eyes belong to a stranger. They remind her of Sora’s eyes and how he looked the night he tried to kill her. It’s hard for her to accept at first, but she does come to terms. In Chapter 286, (He never looks at Rukia with those eyes.) After the fight, the first thing he does is make sure Orihime is safe. He isn’t even scowling. Unlike Rukia, Ichigo doesn’t hold Orihime like a sack of potatoes. He can’t obviously carry her any other way because he’s got a wound to the gut. You will never see Ichigo be gentle like this with Rukia!
The reason why Ichigo went to the Soul Society to save Rukia because he was only returning the favor. Rukia is already a Soul Reaper and Ichigo is only a sub. Bleach anime is licensed by Viz Media.
No romance in Shounen?
There are a lot of people out there that believe that there is no romance in shounen. There really are plenty of examples where couples form in male-oriented manga.
Beware spoilers in some mangas animes that you haven't watched!
Fullmetal Alchemist by Hiromu Arakawa
At the end of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Edward proposes to Winry. They get married and have two kids.
Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto
People seem to have forgotten about Kurenai and Azuma. In Shippuden, it is announced that she's pregnant with Azuma’s child around the time he dies. Then there is the crush Sakura had on Sasuke. Now it seems she likes Naruto. Hinata had a long standing crush on Naruto as well.
Detective Conan by Gosho Aoyama
Jimmy (Shinichi) Kudo is in love with Rachel (Ran) and she feels the same. Because of such strong feelings, they are never able to admit it, but it’s so blatantly obvious.
Saint Seiya by Masami Kurumada
Freya is named after the Norse Goddess of Love. Lyra had a lover named Eurydice who died. Polaris Hilda is also said to be Siegfried’s love interest. A lot of the characters were based on mythology and were designed after those gods and myths.
Full Metal Panic by Shoji Gatou
Sousuke Sagara and Kaname Chidori are very much in love with each other. Tessa has a crush on Sousuke, while Mao and Kurtz are in a sexual relationship (In the light novels/books by the original author)
Other romantic shounen are
Chronicles of the Cursed Sword: Yeo Beop-Ryong artist: Park Hui-Jin
Eureka Seven: Series by BONES adapted to manga by Kataoka Jinsei Kondou Kazuma
Basilisk: Fuutarou Yamada adapted by Masaki Segawa
Fate/Stay Night: Nishiwaki Datto
Howl's Moving Castle: Hayao Miyazaki (was adapted to a manga)
InuYasha: Rumiko Takhashi
Robotech/Macross: Various Authors
SamuraiX/Rurouni Kenshin: Nobuhiro Watsuki
Zombie Loan: PEACH-pit
XBlade: Ida Tatsuhiko
Beck: Sakuishi Harold
Boys Be: Masahiro Itabashi
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