The Impetus for the Bending War Picture

Semi-AU, based on the Greek myth of Helen's 'abduction' by Paris. Korra is abducted by a plain-clothed Amon who sought sanctuary at the Air Temple, and only after Amon reveals that he now has the avatar in his clutches do Tenzin and the 'good guys' discover their folly. All-out war ravages Republic City, people die. Amon eventually loses.

Genres: Romance, Drama, Angst, Mystery, Tragedy, Suspense

This was written for the first day of Amorra Week, based on the prompt of Mythology.
Scarlet Red (or red for short)
History of Fable Inspiration
The Impetus for the Bending War
The Ghost King [Nico di Angelo]
Darkness and Light -lineart-