Loki the trickster Picture

"Loki is pretty and beautiful in form,
But evil-spirited and very fitful.
He surpasses all others in cunning and in every kind of fraud. "


Finally he has a design, though he didn't get...quite the right touch T_T" the evil-side is kinda missing I think.

Loki is my most favourite god of all myths, beliefs and religions out there.
He's simply fascinating.
A trickster, a master of lies and fraud, a shapeshifter and yet the other gods in norse mythology depend on him enough that they HAVE to accept him <3
Also he is the one who leads the Jötunns ([link]) into war against the gods at ragnarök~

Ah what am I jabbering? To put it simple: I love that god.
Loved him from the first moment I've heard of him so..yeah
this is MY version of the trickster <3

(and for this one time: any criticism on anatomy will be ignored, as I happen to be kinda SATISFIED with it...I want to keep it that way)

Edit God damn those desktops. Gotta apologize.
I drew him at work...and there it didn't look THAT pink at all x__X reworked it a bit...hope its better now
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