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#10-9: Once upon a time I was a Orlando Bloom fan, that time has now past but Legolas and Will still get a place on this list.
#8: Jamie is my all-time favourite male companion from Doctor Who. He was a fearless warrior, always ready to punch the bad guys.
#7: Glorfindel is my favourite elf from the Lord of the Rings books. Unfortunately he was almost completely cut from the movies, but his one appearance still grants him a spot on this list.
#6: As shall really become obvious later, I'm a huge fan of norse mythology. Thor is not my favourite god, but he's still pretty awesome, and hot.
#5: Once again, a LotR character turns up. LotR was the first thing I really fangirled and it shows. Aragorn has always been my favourite character from the movies. (they cut my favourite characters from the books; Glorfindel, Elladan and Elrohir)
#4: I think the reason for his appearance on this list shall become obvious later, but I'd still love Captain Nicolls if he was played by someone else; he's the nicest guy on Earth!
#3: I have been a Sherlock Holmes fan for a long time and Bennedict Cummberbatch's portrayal of him is my favourite. Gods! Those cheekbones!
#2: For many years the 10th Doctor would have graced the top of this list, David Tennant is amazing and I love his Doctor.
#1: Is anyone actually surprised? Loki has always been my favourite norse god. In the myths he is described as being incredibly handsome, so Marvel got something right.
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Top 10 Hottest Live Action Male Characters
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