The Celts and the Nords Picture

This is an interpretation of mythological comparisons between the Celts and the Nords, with a historical background based on the assumption that the Celts interpolated some Nordic concepts to their myths during the First Wave of viking raids, between the 8th and 9th centuries.

I imitated the Book of Kells (and stole a knot) for this picture... That's why their limbs look so weird...
Anyway, it's a bunch of coloured pencils over some outlines of ink.

There's the shared ideas of a canine pursuer of the sun, symbolic presences of ravens and squirrels, an ouroboros (Nords' Jormungandr), a world tree of life, and a well of knowledge (lololol Odin's eye is in the one on the right).
The figures present are Queen Medb and Odin, Ruler of Asgard.

Two Faces of the Gorgon
The Celts and the Nords
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