Demeter in Search of Persephone Picture

Watercolor & Gouache on Cold-pressed Paper (24,5x35cm)
(no reference)
+++This work is for EliteArtists "Autumn Contest"+++

This work is based on the Greek mythology and specificaly it treats the case of Demeter (goddess of earth and protector of agriculture) and her daughter Persephone.
One day Persephone was playing with her friends and went to pick up a narcissus (flower).At the same time Pluto (god of the Underword) appeared to her and kidnapped her.
Demeter heard the cry of her daughter and the pain torn her heart apart.She covered herself with a black veil and went in search of her lost child...

Except the myth depicted in my illustration I included the other elements as well:
- Use of Demeter's icon due to her capacities (earth,seasons,agriculture) and also of the deal which she made later with Pluto to keep her only during the time of winter though the rest of the seasons she can return to her mother.So in Autumn she prepares for her future abscence , at the same time people have to prepare themselves as Dimitra's mourning associated with no harvest.
- A couple of squirrels are gathering food in their den for the long rest too(winter).
- A beam of light guides the eye to some marble ruins of ancient Greek architectual creation. In combination with the light they convey a hopefull feeling about artistic creation as they rising up again instead of being buried and forgotten (culture,creative-vision).

(I wanted all the theme elements of the contest to be as natural and harmonical as possible and avoid affectation so I kept the composition very simple, balance between message and form)
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