Prometheus Picture

This is my ultimate (or resolute) Persona in the SMT universe, Prometheus.
Its design is based on 'my demon' (Fifth emblem )... and only ties in very loosely with the Prometheus myth (Fire affinity, (in)sight and, of course, confinement as the main themes) because I focused on representing "myself" rather than being mythologically coherent.

--- Stats ---

Prometheus, Hermit Arcana (IX.)

Full Analysis [Detects enemy's stats and skills]
Third Eye [Unveils enemy's resists/blocks/absorbs/reflects]
Evil Smile [Instills Fear (25%), all foes]
Ghastly Wail [Instant kill if suffering from fear (100%), all foes]
Maragion/dyne [Moderate/Heavy fire damage, all foes]
Enemy Scan [Marks enemies on the map]
Enduring Soul [Survive being knocked out once +full recovery, self]
Escape Route[Instantly return to the entrance, all]

Resists - / Blocks - / Absorbs Bufu / Reflects Agi / Weak to Pierce, Slash & Strike [P4: Physical]


Theme Song: Before the Dawn
Initial stage: Hugin & Munin