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This is a rough concept for a character who will play a minor role here and there in my comic, mostly just as a part of the mythology of my comic's world.
In the old south are the crossroads of myth and legend, where it is said that a trickster spirit once lived and granted wishes to those ambitious (and foolish) enough to visit him. It is here that a lonesome bird visited one full moon night to learn the secrets of how to become the greatest blues master around. That night, the spirit of the crossroads appeared to the bird and transformed him into an extraordinary musician who would gain legions of fans. The bird enjoyed his newfound fame in the music scene, but it wasn't for is rumored that the curse of the crossroads caught up to him. After his death, it was said that the spirit of the "Blues Jay" would now be the one who appears at these crossroads to those who know how to summon him with the right tune...but if he grants you your wish for musical fame, be aware that you will pay the price.

Blues Jay is based on one of my favorite stories in music, the famous "crossroads legend" surrounding real-life blues master, Robert Johnson. For those who don't know Johnson's story: The tale goes, that when Johnson was a young man in Mississippi (sometime around the early 1930s I'm guessing), he was told to take his guitar down to a crossroad (crossroads are sometimes referred to in blues music as being the site where the devil hangs out, and this idea originates from African American folk magic spirituality (e.g., hoodoo ). There, the devil appeared, and (in exchange for Johnson's soul) he tuned the guitar, played a few songs on it, and gave it back to Johnson. Now when Johnson played his magical guitar, he could play the blues style that he was known for.

Bonus: I only recently found out (after having already made this character) that blue jays are associated with the devil in folklore from the south. 0_0 Sometimes things just work out!

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Blues Jay at the Crossroads
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