Perseus and Andromeda's Embrace Picture

The Greek demigod Perseus embraces the beautiful Aethiopian princess Andromeda, but Poseidon's sea monster Cetus is ready for a rematch.

In Greek mythology, Andromeda was a princess of Aethiopia (i.e. "land of the burnt faces", usually referring to ancient Kush or Nubia in what is now Sudan) whom Perseus rescued from Cetus in a classic example of the damsel-and-dragon narrative. Perhaps the most well-known adaptations of this myth for modern audiences are the Clash of the Titans movies (I am referring to both the Harryhausen and Sam Worthington versions here), but I referenced none of these when drawing my own take. Perseus's winged helmet does owe some inspiration to Benvenuto Cellini's sculpture though. As for Cetus, I chose to represent him as some kind of Mesozoic sea reptile like a mosasaur or pliosaur.

I apologize if Perseus looks bored here. He's supposed to be nervously eying Cetus on the side.
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