sleeping faun Picture

sleeping faun

well perhaps this young faun has drunk to much.

Most of the fantasy deviation in DA are based on Celtic/Norse mythology and relatively few on Greek/Roman myths. That is a pity cause there are many interesting creatures in Mediterranean legend that scream for a good photo manipulation. This is my first photomanip. of a Satyr/faun, I hope to make another soon, perhaps better.

Hope you enjoy.

model:The Piper Boy VI by Eirian stock…
cup :black chalices by jinxmim…
goat texture and elements :goat 17-18 by gaothaire……
ivy leaves:Ivy Leaves by ky sta…

I used also the legs of this rendered werewolf female lycan 03 by stiks 1969…
to build the base of the faun legs, but after the addiction of the goat texture they are barely visible
mythological point adopts
sleeping faun
Garuda subduing a serpent
Greek Mythology