Age of Mythology TRL - War Galley Picture

The War Galley is the Roman ramming type ship, and counters siege ships. War Galleys are also good against naval myth units. Unlike other ramming ships, War Galleys are able to carry a single unit. While transporting any unit will give it a boost in attack, this is primarily used to carry heroes, granting the War Galley a temporary hero status.

Age: Heroic
Trained at:

Strong against: Siege ships, naval myth units
Weak against:
Arrow ships, Towers/Fortresses


100 wood 50 gold
Hack Damage:
Hitpoints: 235
Hack Armor: 30%
Pierce Armor: 15%
Crush Armor: 75%
Speed: 6.75 meters/second
Line of Sight: 16 meters
Training Time: 9 seconds

Worship Neptune to gain this bonus:

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