Age of Mythology TRL - Amphisbene Picture

The amphisbene is remarkably tough compared to other classical age myth units. It hosts a second head on its tail that is able to attack a seperate unit or building within its reach. Players only have control over the main head of the amphisbene while the other head may attack enemies or even wild animals at random.

Age: Classical
Trained at: Temple
Worship: Jupiter, Saturn

Strong against: Regular units, buildings
Weak against:


250 food 20 favor
Hack Damage:
Crush Damage: 10
x3 vs Myth Units
x0.5 vs Heroes

Hitpoints: 500
Hack Armor: 45%
Pierce Armor: 60%
Crush Armor: 80%
Speed: 4.0 meters/second
Line of Sight: 16 meters
Training Time: 20 seconds


Worship Janus to access this technology:

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