{adopt} mythology batch | 3/6 open Picture

This took me eons to finish. orz I probably wouldn't upload a batch as "big" as this any time soon.
Anyway, here's my mythology batch. It was originally supposed to be a Japanese youkai batch but at some point, I decided to incorporate the naga and phoenix as well so it became a general myth batch.

    - I will only accept points for now
    - Buyer will receive: high res files of shaded versions as seen above and one with just flat colors within 24 hours after payment is received
    - Buyer may modify design in whatever manner he/she sees fit and use it for his/her own purposes
    - Buyer may also sell design but only for a value less than or equal to purchase price, give, or trade it. However, I should be informed of this beforehand.
    - Kindly wait for me to accept your offer and put up a commission widget for your adopt before you send payment.
    - In light of transactions, I am willing to put on hold designs for up to 2 days if I am informed beforehand that I have to wait. Otherwise, if payment is not made within 24 hours, I claim the right to put up the adoptable for sale once again.

Adopt 1 (tengu) : CLOSED
Adopt 2 (bakeneko) : OPEN
Adopt 3 (akaname) : CLOSED
Adopt 4 (naga) : CLOSED
Adopt 5 (phoenix) : OPEN
Adopt 6 (kirin) : OPEN

art and design © yorunaka
-- Wacom Intuos 5 + PaintTool SAI + PSCS6 + hours of sweat and blood

MYth: The Goddesses
MYth: The Gods
{adopt} mythology batch | 3/6 open
Iris Sketch Card - Classic Mythology II
Land of Myths