Digimon Reboot - Odocomon Picture

I've been making icons of the Digimon in Digimon: Reboot.
Odocomon, rookie partner of James Parker belonging to me ( *Silveritis ).

I love Odocomon... I know it might be slightly blown my own trumpet, but I feel really proud that she's my creation and there haven't been any other deer Digimon, officia or otherwise.

Evolution Line:
Doemon -> Fallomon -> Odocomon -> Rusdramon -> Oisinmon -> Ceryniamon

Doemon - doe is the name for a female deer
Fallo - from Fallow deer
Odoco - from the latin name for White tailed deer
Rusdra - from Rusa, Malay word for deer
Oisin - from Irish Mythology, the name of the Goddess Sadb's fawn
Ceryniamon - one of Hercules' labours was to bring the Cerynian Hind to Artemis
TiZB v.7
Digimon Reboot - Odocomon