Mission 4- Human creation Picture

In Chewong mythology, the god Tohan asked his servant Nabi to create the human race with the gift of breath he had given him. But as Nabi opened his hand to see how breath was, the bas, monkeys with 4 eyes, were created instead. I figured that Foster would be doing even worse.
- Nabi, create the human beings. Use the gift of breath. Take it.
- Do not open your hand, or the human being will be unperfect.
- Oh, I guess I can take a look... hey!
- Hey! D'oh!
- Ok, the Big guy gave me more essence of breathing, and this time I'm not gonna--
- Oh, no, no!
- Whyyy? (cries)

The first time the evil bas are created, unperfect human beings. The second time, the other kind of unperfect human being is created.

Homer (c) Matt Groening
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Mission 4- Human creation
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