Tantoko Picture

This is the relm of Tantoko, of the world Serinarcy. Yes, it's all made up... made up by me. You see, back in the 7th grade *2 years ago* I had to come up with some mythical land and fill it with creatchers for a essy thing when we where studying mythology. Well, earlyer this year I found the pre-writeing paper for that essy, and thought it sounded like a good place to be the setting of a manga. So, I've decided to make it into my comic's world and stuff....

Anyways, the chariters are all mine. Although, two of the chariters (Roro the Grifaro *sorta like a griffon* and Ploofy the Pi Cat) I have made neopets out of, so no one may claim that they came up with the desine and stuff for them. Anyways, now, to list off the chariters....
Sara: The Neko girl. She is the youngest of two royal sisters, so yeah... she's the princess of the royal crystal kingdom.... *The castle in the crystals is her home*

Roro: The Grifaro. Yes, I've made him into an Eyrie chariter as well, but here he has differances from an earie, and my original design for him. He is a friend of Sara.

Mouzette: Girl with wings behind the gold tree. She is Roro's cousin. Yes, she's a Grifaro as well. Grifaros have the ability to take on forms simmilar to humans. *Oh, Grifaros are of my creation, so yeah... Don't complain or steal!*

Pixle: The green fairy. OMG! I've used her in many comic ideas... she's just the main fairy of the group. She's good at navigating, but that's pretty much it. She has very little magic power.

Cherry Mocha: The fire cat at the bottom. Ok, like Ploofy, she was created from insperation I had at my friends. My real life friend, Sarah, wanted me to draw a cat that was on fire, and was green blue and white. Thus, Cherry came into the Manga. She is Ploofy's best friend.

Ploofy: The Pi Cat (Another of my made up creaters. She is one of the many types of Math Cats, athough she is the rareist kind) She was named by the friend of mind who's designe I based her off of. Ploofy, like Cherry, did not always live in Serinarcy. She use to live on Earth, as a normal run-of-the-mill siames cat, that lived her life on the streets and in the allys. She has a love for the tast of pie, any kind, as long as it's not a pot-pie.

Lemon Frost: The fairy with red and blue candy stripes. She is a minor charitor, and is one of the resones Pixle leaves home on a journy with Alice *not shown* "To get away from her sister *Sprite* and that gosh-darn girly-fly, Frost!" as she's yelled.

Sprite: Fairy with the blond pig-tails. She is.... hard to describe. Like Pix, she's been in sevral comic ideas. Her personality's always changeing, from hyper, to gothic, to preepy, to almost emo-ish, to now verry bubbly.... it's like a roller-coster that only goes up and down, but does it so much you get sick....

Rainbow Phinx: Just a creature I made up. It is one of the original creatures I had in my essy from 7th grade. They rome the relms of Tantoko *A.K.A. Relm of Suger* And the relm of light *yet to be named* Rainbow Phinxs are holy to the people of Serinarcy.

Shadow Phinx: Another creature of my creation. Also, like the Rainbow Phinx, was from the essy. They are the enimey of Rainbow Phinxs, and are native only to the relm of darkness *yet to be named* but 100 years before the manga takes place, something drives a flock of them away from their shadowy home, and to the bright land of Tantoko. After a few years of terrorizeing the citizens *and population growth* the people of Tantoko began hunting the Shadow Phinx as a sorce of food, although dangerus to hunt. Lately, there seems to be more Shadow Phinxs romeing the area..... and not just in Tantoko....

Well.... that summs up the charaters in this, not the senery. Also, there are many more chariters to the manga not shown in this pic. This was just something I drew a couple of months ago, and finished about a week ago...

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