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Closeup of the "dark" side of Lulu's face...

Here's the info again:

The challenge for the faceup contest was: paint an angel - any inspiration is fine, as long as you can justify your creation being a heavenly body of some sort.

My explanation:

I stuck with my first instinct: The concept is "Lucifer" - in a version as the sad, proud, defiant one who was once the favorite and most beautiful angel. That story has always fascinated me, and I prefer the versions of the judeo-christian angels that have free will. I tried to express his duplicity, to see him somewhere in between Good and Evil, as someone struggling with their identity but too proud to turn back.

One side of his face is pretty and somewhat brighter, though haughty - lots of pinks, purples, silver, white.

The other eye is very dark and angled, black and gold, and there are some black "vines" on that side of his face (signifying the 'growth of darkness'
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: Tainted :
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