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I'm in need of some rather tough questions about my faith and belief in Christ, and I want to know what kind of questions you guys want answers to. Now as a fore warning, I will not be answering any of them in the comments, but rather in a series of refutes over the next few years. You will hopefully see some of them during the summer, but I will write and research as fast as I can.

As for my Christian viewers, I challenge you to challenge your own faith and question everything. Find the facts. Study God's Word. Test EVERYTHING.

But I challenge you Atheists, what kind of questions do you have for me?
EDIT: I am already working on Apologetics and theologies such as:

Reestablishing Science: The Piece by Piece Dismantlement of the Theory of Evolution
Biblical Archaeology and Historical Records
Coincidences and Random Chance? I Don't Think So!
Creationism: The Universe in Six Days
Decrypting the Bible: Revealing the Codes
Dinosaurs in the Bible
Evangelism: Hell’s Best Kept Secret
America the Prostitute: A Once Proud and Godly Nation
God’s Judgment: Wickedness on Trial - The Destruction of the Wicked
Heaven: Painting a Clearer Picture
Hell: You've Got It All Wrong
Morality: The Unsubjective Lifestyle
Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World
Remember the Sabbath
Revelation: The End Times
Satanic Christianity
The Account of God: The Irrefutable Argument
The Bible: The Prophetic Messages Fulfilled
The Creator’s Calendar: The True Day of Worship
The Exodus
The Feasts of the Lord
The Rapture: Satan’s Secret Weapon
The Science of God
The Second Coming of God: No Second Chances
The Truth About Abortion
Unwrapping the Ancient Kings
Who is the Bride of Christ?
Why Would a Loving God...? Why is There So Much Death and Suffering in the Bible?
World-Wide Flood
Young Earth
Do Suicidal Believers Go to Heaven?
Homosexuality: The Pitch Black Sin
Black and White and Colors: No Such Thing As Grey
Concept: "Love"
Mythological Creatures in the Bible? Real or Misinterpreted?
No Such Thing As Atheists, Only Agnostics
God's Forgotten Laws: A Message to the Ignorant Believer
Are You A Good Person?
After Death: What Really Happens?
God's Divine Blueprints
Does God Really Have a "Wonderful" Plan For Your Life?
Truth or Tradition?
Do Animals Have a Soul?
The True Character of God
Giants: Demonic Children of the Fallen Angels
Talking with the Dead: Communication with Demons
Angels and Demons: What are the Differences?
Is Speaking in Tongues Biblical?
God's Free Gifts
World Religions: Truth or Demonic Deceptions?
History of the Scriptures: Did Christianity Borrow from Other Religions?
Armageddon: The Battle for Your Soul
Sin: What is It?
Who is Satan? Lucifer or Someone Else?
Is Temptation a Sin?
The Spiritual Realm: What Does the Bible Say?
Spiritual Growth: Levels of Christianity
Death: Life After Earth
Beasts of Revelation
The Antichrist: Who is He?
Marks: What's the Difference Between God's and Satan's?
Days of Creation: How Long Was a Day?
Taking Back Astrology: The Creator's Universe
Purgatory: Satan's Weapon of Choice
Condemnation: Does God Really Send People to Hell?

If I've missed anything, please, let me know.
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The Tough Questions
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