Dracilla Celtic Dragon Unicorn Picture

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Name: Dracilla
Gender: Female
Breed: Half Dragon/Half Unicorn
Build: Unicorn (Deer/Goat)/Dragon
Diet: Omnivore
Age: 5 Years
Height: 15 Hands
Color: Iridescent light palomino dun (looks white, or cremello, but she has black markings so she's a palomino, the scales are iridescent bluish purple, the Iridescence is also on the soft scales, which you cannot see, but are very tiny and all over her body, yes, she actually has furry scales, very mythological). If you were to look at the scales, they are purple-blue, the hair is white on top of it. The dragon markings and dorsal stripes are black, she may grow in more markings or have the legs barr or something.
Mane: Long, wavy, iridescent white
Tail: Lionlike, Long, wavy, iridescent white
Eye Color: Color Changing Mood eyes