Tyr Picture

Tyr is a one-handed god,
and leavings of the wolf
and prince of temples.

The Edda

From Wikipedia:

Týr is the god of single combat, victory and heroic glory in Norse mythology, portrayed as a one-handed man.

According to the Poetic Edda and Prose Edda, at one stage the gods decided to shackle the Fenris wolf (Fenrir), but the beast broke every chain they put upon him. Eventually they had the dwarves make them a magical ribbon called Gleipnir. It appeared to be only a silken ribbon but was made of six wondrous ingredients: the sound of a cat's footfall, the beard of a woman, the roots of a mountain, bear's sinews (meaning nerves, sensibility), fish's breath and bird's spittle. The creation of Gleipnir is said to be the reason why none of the above exist. Fenrir sensed the gods' deceit and refused to be bound with it unless one of them put his hand in the wolf's mouth.

Tyr, known for his great wisdom and courage, agreed, and the other gods bound the wolf. After Fenrir had been bound by the gods, he struggled to try and break the rope. When the gods saw that Fenrir was bound they all rejoiced, except Tyr, who had his right hand bitten off by the wolf.


And what you see here is my interpretation of that very god.

I chose not to go for the usual picture of a wargod.
Most people tend to draw them in red and all firey and with
a hot temper (Ares from the greek myths is a nice example for that).
Since Tyr is more the single-fighter and of course the god of
heroic glory - as stated above- I wanted him to be a silent, elaborated god , rather having a cool temper.
Thats why I chose the blues and the soft coat for him.

The other gods will follow as soon, as I have a design for them. I'll also redo Thor at some point.
When I have all of them together I MIGHT add the stories as they are planned for my "urban Ragnarök" project.
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