Fertile Crescent God of Life Picture

This guy is freaky enough to be someone’s creation god! So it shall be!

I think I’m going to incorporate this guy into the Intelligent Universe canon.

This guy is the life and fertility god of a tribe of people living near the Fertile Crescent in Intelligent Universe’s alternate Earth. It is 2.5 meters tall, moves by levitation and has sallow, rugose skin. A hand extends from its belly. The hand is used to bless newborns of the tribe. Above it is a hot-white halo. Thin, black, branching tendril-like objects reach from its head to the heavens.
It is a symbol of benevolence and embodiment of the magnanimous spirit.
Unfortunately this did come to an end, and one day during the Great Wars, it was devoured by the rogue demonic death and fertility-god.
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Fertile Crescent God of Life
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