Believe me Picture

As I did my make up for the big April Fools Joke (see description of the two pictures below), I was a bit inspired by the "Marianne" trailer. [link] It's a Swedish horror/psychological thriller.
What's so fascinating about this movie, and what makes it so real although it handles a mythological subject, is that there is such a developed story and developed characters. The bigger part of the movie is just a big family drama that makes overly sympathetic people like me feel really bad by just watching it. In contrast to this drama, there are some really spooky elements that really made me feel uncomfortable as I watched it in the middle of the night, all by myself.

I really recommend it to people who like drama and horror movies, and to Swedes who keep saying that Swedish movies are always bad.

I hate my bracers, but what is there to do? They're coming off in less than two weeks - so I'm very excited about that!

So, eh, no, my make up didn't come out very well on the photos so I made what I could of the few pictures I had. My hand remind me of one of the covers of Hardcore Superstar.

Model and edit ~ me
Photo ~ Keeso