Peisinoe Picture

Drawed with pencils (mainly 2b), dimensions : 21 cm * 29,7 cm, needs appr. 20 hours.

Inspired by the nude study on my academy, i put the nude body in a scenery. the professor of my class don't like the work, but i do maybe few viewers too. I drawed this picture for a vernissage (but they dont took) in the middle of april 2001.
Peisinoe was a sirene in the greek mythology, she was the one, who sing "the ships in the death". The whole pose suggests : "it dont cares me" - she has no pupils - like: no soul - nothing to see in her heart - no way how her heart could express himself to the outside - maybe ,she has no heart, and so she dont need pupils...

I see peisinoe as a synonym for the heartless part of womens , those capitalistic womens, those who weight all the things on they cost-use-ratio, and just think on her own use, her own amusement. And they dont cares about the fact, who loses which things for her...
Those womens mostly know about her attraction - knows that the world would do so many things, to please her - to reach her - just to get a little attention from her. I draw this, to show: that that explains the death around those womens. But : who cares ? The world is created for this principle. Just hopping, that we moths can escape from this deadly lights.

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