Holy Hips Picture

Just a quick picture done on IScribble...

My comp was fixed and is working (apparently) fine. Lost all my projects unfortunately >.>. Still waiting for my brother to find me my photoshop though... T__T

Anatomy is COMPLETELY off. Note the title. And the size of her hips xD
Sorry Sherry! xD

This was a random char I made up named Ιανθη [Ianthe (Ian)].
Named after the ocean nymph in greek mythology.

This was a complete accident though. Ian is not a mermaid, nymph or siren. She is a metamorphagus. Before naming her, I had two things in mind; she could not change her violet hair colour or her pink/red eye colour.

After she was coloured I knew I wanted to name her a name starting with "I" so I went to Behindthename.com and looked at the female names beginning with I.

The second or third name I looked at was Ianthe and it was so random that it meant "Violet Flower" after I had already coloured her hair.

So that became her name...and Ian is her nickname.
I may or may not draw more of her.


Metamorphagus characters are perfect for me; they don't always have to look exactly the same to be the same person xP
I may let her be able to change her hair colour later...but we'll see.

Comment done xD
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