Bestial: Siren Picture

My fascination with bestiaries is not new, but recently I've started drawing creatures with the illustrations of the medieval bestiaries in mind. There are a lot of gorgeous pictures here, and more lovely pictures as well as a ton of background info here.

The siren, or perhaps mermaid. Part fish, part woman, and sometimes also or even alternatively, part bird. Sirens are a bit complicated sometimes. They probably started out in Greek mythology as part bird, and later the bird part turned into a fish part. Sometimes they are both, with a fish tail and bird wings. No matter what animal parts they possess, they dwell near the sea, sing very prettily and eat the sailors they manage to lure in close enough.

I like sirens.

She is holding a comb and a mirror, by the way. It's kinda traditional for sirens. According to the moral (christian) interpretation traditional to bestiaries, the siren signifies the vain and hedonistic, who eventually, inevitably, are doomed.

Source material is, wonder of wonders, pictures of sirens from

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The Siren - black ink 2002
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Bestial: Siren
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