Siren with a Blue Balloon Picture

Odyssey Leucosia is a Siren. A seductress, descended from the great temptress bird-women of Greek mythology, and very much a villain. Odyssey has an incredible power; she can morph her hands into talons and her arms into powerful wings, and any male who hears her voice will fall instantly in love with her and unquestioningly follow her every command.

Her kind feed upon the suffering and despair of the sailors they lure to their deaths with sweet, hypnotic voices. Of course, in modern times that kind of thing just isn't done anymore, but Odyssey has recently found a new use for her power...

Her favorite pastime is stealing boyfriends from other women, subsequently tormenting said women, and seeing how long each boyfriend can survive before the constant influence of her mesmerizing voice completely destroys his mind and leaves him comatose. Like I said, she's very much a villain.

Odyssey loves a challenge, and it looks like she's about to get one, especially because her current target is a certain cyborg named Ten...


Oh wow Odyssey! Quite possibly my favorite villain in this particular fictional world. She's only a minor character, but she's reoccurring, and you can be sure that every time she shows up she and Hakumai have one seriously epic cat-fight.

And how does Ten feel about all this? He agrees with Odyssey on everything...
'Sea horse' siren
Siren with a Blue Balloon
Alkaia the Siren
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