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Name: Megara “Meg” Alana Sancha
Nicknames: Meggo, Meggie, Meggers, Nutmeg…
Alignment: Neutral; Citizen
Gender: Female
Age: 16
DOB: October 24
Star Sign: Scorpio
Species: Human/Siren
Ethnicity: Greek/Spanish
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5ft 8in (172.7 cm)
Weight: 140 lbs (63.6 kg)
Birthplace: Santorini, Greece
Hometown: Steel City, USA
Family: Peter Sancha (biological father), Illeia (biological mother), and her grandparents, Manuel and Armonda Sancha

Meg’s normal first impression often makes her come off as a despondent, evasive individual who avoids other people when she can help it. She’s soft-spoken, introverted and hesitant about making relationships with others while she frequently struggles with trying to smother the siren part of her, which she has grown to resent ever since beginning puberty. Meg attempts weathering down her naturally alluring nature by wearing baggy clothes and no make up (which, in her opinion, apparently makes her less attractive and less prone to leer others to her). Lastly, she doesn’t sing despite the fact that she very much can; she loves music but doesn’t make a habit of listening to it often because it tempts her to sing. Romance novels are her guilty pleasure, however, and she loves Jane Austen.

Being half siren, Meg holds within her the killer siren song and persuasive ‘voice’ that can daze and hypnotize (and eventually, put to sleep) any man around her. She is also an excellent swimmer, and can propel to speeds faster than even the swiftest Olympic swimmers, while being able to breathe underwater. Her ‘fins’, both on her limbs and ears, can also detect vibrations in the water, so she is aware of her surroundings, even when she is in dark water (she, however, cannot see well in dark water). Meg is very poised whether she’s stationary or on the move, in water or on land. She is also very patient and overall composed, as well as sweet, generous, loyal, and bubbly when in an amicable mood.

Being only half siren alone brings along some odd setbacks. Such as she can’t stray from water for too long (drinking it or being submerged in it) without becoming severely dehydrated. She is prone to frequent sore throats, which come about sometimes because she is dehydrated but mostly from when she represses her singing urges. Unrelated, she is not very physically strong or a fast runner…at all. She’s kind of out of shape, despite how much she likes to swim. Personality wise, Meg is socially inelegant and anxious, especially around men, and has close to no social life whatsoever. She tends to stutter when she’s apprehensive and is not very self-confident, and she doesn’t have a lot of life experience and has been sheltered considerably.

Rain, fruit, the beach and ocean, swimming, ice skating, aquariums, Greek mythology, cloudy days, books and reading, people-watching, winter, school, music (though she doesn’t like to admit it).

Crowded public places, loud music and noises, summer, bright colors, mirrors, spiders, gore, being hugged without warning or hovered over; being the center of attention.

S is for Siren
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Megara Sancha.
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