Bestial: Harpy Picture

My fascination with bestiaries is not new, but recently I've started drawing creatures with the illustrations of the medieval bestiaries in mind. There are a lot of gorgeous pictures here, and more lovely pictures as well as a ton of background info here.

Harpies generally are vicious part-woman, part-bird creatures who will eat you alive if you're not careful. I've just noticed I've done another batch of killer creatures. I'm actually really pleased with this one. She has nice hair, too.

A short note on the harpy's and siren's breasts, yeah, they hang. A lot of breasts do. Apart from the fact that that is quite normal, a lot of medieval illustrators seemed to draw them that way. And then there are the illustrators who draw breasts like... this. ...which goes beyond drawing non-perfect breasts and right into the realm of "I don't really know what I'm doing".

Surprisingly enough, the source I used for this was mostly also pictures of sirens from Sirens can also have bird parts, so that was very helpful.

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Bestial: Harpy
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